Can I upgrade the HDD on my machine?

Strictly speaking, ONLY the MacBook (as of now, and NOT the MacBook Pro) was obviously designed for user-upgraded Hard drives. However, the general rule for the other machines is, as long as you do not kill any other components in your machine, you should be able to claim warranty on it, sans the replaced hard drive of course.

You may not want to install 7,200RPM drives on the consumer series (the white/black portables), as they do not come with any option for 7200RPM drives because of the heat. But they DO have a markedly better performance over the 5,400RPM drives. Of course, if you’re paranoid about the heat, then you might want to use a 4,200RPM drive – but those have pretty bad performance.

Types of drives:
iBook/PowerBook – IDE 2.5″ drives. Available all over Sim Lim Square.
MacBook/MacBook Pro – SATA 2.5″ drives.

Note that portables do NOT use 3.5″ drives, so please buy the correct drive.

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