Can I upgrade the RAM on my own machine?

Sure! Why not? RAM is definitely user-upgradeable, since Apple has provided a convenient means of upgrading your RAM by yourself. If you look at the bottom of your machine, you should probably find a nice little window secured by some screws – that’s where your RAM goes. Check back for the specific types of RAM you need to purchase to install on your machine.

For Intel-based Macs, just look for RAM with notable chipsets – the module brand usually isn’t important, except perhaps for support/warranty claims. Here’s a list of some Module/Chip brands known to work, and have been tested by the community at ACHWZ:

  • Kingston Modules – Hynix Chips
  • Kingston Modules – Micron Chips
  • Transcend Modules
  • Crucial Modules – Micron Chips
  • Samsung Chips

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