I so WANT to get a Mac! It’s so nice, so beautiful, so {insert praise here}… Where can I get the BESTEST BESTEST Deal?!

I so WANT to get a Mac! It’s so nice, so beautiful, so … Where can I get the BESTEST BESTEST Deal?!
Okay, first and foremost, I must make it clear that Apple controls the prices fairly well. That said, prices across the board are likely to be the same.

However, it is a well known fact that some retailers might “slash” prices, mostly in the form of freebies bundled – typically RAM, an external HDD, a casing/backpack, .MAC or even AppleCare Protection Plan (if you’re really lucky!)

The official best place you can get Macs at cheaper-than-normal prices is via the Apple Online Store, through the Educational Advantage program. Just as long as you are a student (or have siblings/children) who are, you qualify. You even qualify if you are staff at an educational facility! Of course, there are terms and conditions, so just read them carefully. They are listed and kept current on the Apple Education Advantage site.

The unofficial place that “laojiao” or long-time Mac users swear by is SGL Marketing, which is at Sim Lim Square, the 2nd floor.

Of course, you should check out the PC fairs to see if you can better bundle deals.

Personally, the best offers are the Apple back-to-school promotions, usually just before the University term starts. That’s when buying a machine gets you some $200-300 off an iPod purchase, perfect for returning to/starting the new school term!

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