I have an external hard drive. Can I use it on my Mac?

Yes if it’s accessible in Windows (ie, NTFS, FAT or FAT32). However, if it is formatted in NTFS, you will only gain read-only access. You will not be able to write to an NTFS drive.Therefore, your safest bet – format all your external drives as FAT32. Use Windows’s Disk Management service to partition it, and use the Windows Command Prompt to format with the /FS:FAT32 flag.Or just format it on your mac and specify FAT as the File System.EDIT (30/5/07) Yes, I know this is late, but there seems to be a freeware solution to read/write NTFS from any Unix partition. Check out NTFS-3G. I shall first state that NTFS’s papers still has not been made public, so whatever solutions you can find out there are reverse-engineered. That said, good luck!

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