Mac OS X on non-Apple hardware

I have just come home from Sim Lim Square, have spent $15,000 and now I have an uber l33t PC with the BEST specs money can buy! L33t graphics, SCSI hard drive arrays, gigabytes of RAM, terabytes of hard drive space, even a built-in Starship Enterprise (TM)! I want to run OS X on it! Can you please tell me how to? Puhleeeease!?

Unfortunately, as of now – Apple is a hardware company, not a software company. They have clearly stated in their End-User License Agreements (EULAs for short) that their software clearly requires Apple hardware to run. Which means that any hardware you run must be Apple hardware.

Which unfortunately means that you are out of luck here. We can’t and do not want to support piracy.

If you want Mac OS, get a Mac.

For the record, from people around me who have tried (this is a personal account), the performance isn’t very optimal on their PCs, and they’ve had problems here and there. On a real mac, it works far better. That friend of mine has gone on to actually buy a MacBook for his use.

But but but, my best friend/mistress/dog/cat/rat just installed it on his/her/its PC, and it works fine!

We’re sorry, but until Apple changes it’s stand on the license agreements, you’re just out of luck.

But wasn’t there a project to run Mac OS X on x86?

Imperative – “was”. It was around before Apple announced the switch to x86 from PowerPC. After that, it seems to have mysteriously died down.

Ahh! You people are just jealous of us, cos we didn’t spend all that money and got ourselves OS X!

Actually no. We’re really laughing cos the people jealous enough to want OS X so badly that they’d contort themselves and their morality and legality just to get it are saying we’re jealous of them! What’s there to be jealous about thieves and morally confused people? Mac OS X isn’t merely the OS; It’s the overall experience, and a seamless integration with the hardware is what constitutes part of that experience.


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