Warranty Issues

All Apple Hardware typically comes with 1 year limited warranty, and 90 days of phone support warranty.

What you can do is to purchase the AppleCare Protection Plan (APP) for your machine. This will extend it to:

  • 2 years (phone+service) for all iPods.
  • 3 years (phone+service) for all machines, desktops and portables.

Yes. Warranty for Portables and iPods is International. It does not matter whether you buy your machine from Cupertino, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Russia, or any other authorised dealer in any country. As long as you have a purchase receipt, and it’s from an authorised dealer, the warranty should stand.

Keep your receipts, because the warranty will usually be dated from the date on the receipt.

For those who wonder why their warranty from the online site is “shorter”, the warranty of retail units are “post-dated” to a reasonable estimated sell-by date. Should the retail front happen to hold units for an inordinately long period of time, you might appear to have “less warranty” than usual. Keep your receipt; should you require servicing within the warranty period (1 or 3 years), your receipt will usually verify for you the actual purchase date.

For those of you who ordered from Apple Online, or got their units from Singnet’s promotion, the delivery order should suffice as proof. It states the date of collection.

If you need phone support, you can call the APP hotline at +65-6835-1812.

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