How do you check your iPhone’s firmware version?

While your iPhone is connected to iTunes, go to Settings —> General —> About. If you are using MacOSX, then it should be in iTunes —> About iTunes. The automatic scrolling dialog box will be shown with your iPhone version. To hold the details from scrolling, tap the spacebar. To reverse the scrolling order, depress the “option” key.

If your iPhone have not been sync or activated from iTunes yet, slide into emergency mode on your iPhone and type *3001#12345#* and tap the call button. You will get a new menu while the dialpad closes. Select Versions and the firmware version wil be shown.

1) 03.12.06_G – firmware version 1.0.0

2) 03.14.08_G – firmware version 1.0.1 or 1.02

3) 04.01.13_G – firmware version 1.1.1

4) 04.02.04_G – firmware version 1.1.1

5) 04.04.05_G – firmware version 1.1.4

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