Hire-Purchase / 0% Interest-Free Installment Payment Guide

Information for 0% interest-free installment for Apple Online Store Singapore

If you prefer any of the following payment options, Please do not place the order online. Call our TeleSales: 1-800-MY-APPLE (1800-69-27753) during working hours.

– Cheque
– Citibank Flexible Payment Plan*
– DBS 0% Interest Installment Plan**

* Applicable to Citibank Visa/Mastercard card holders purchasing at full retail price only, with a minimum purchase ofS$500.00, subject to individual approval from Citibank, N.A. Customer can have up to 24 months interest free installment payments. The telesales agent will advise you on the next step when you call them to place the order.

** Applicable to DBS Visa/Mastercard card holders purchasing at full retail price only, with a minimum purchase of S$500.00, subject to individual approval from DBS Bank and Apple. Customer can have up to 12 months interest free installment payments. The telesales agent will advise you on the next step when you call them to place the order.

Note: Debit cards and check cards have daily spending limits which may substantially delay the processing of your order. Using a credit card will insure that your order will be processed as quickly as possible.
Information quoted from http://www.apple.com.sg/store

Information for 0% interest-free installment for Shops

Please refer to the relevant shop’s website and phone calls for further information.

EpiCentre Orchard

iSHOP by Club21
Address: No. 8 Grange Road #03-04/05/06
Cathay Orchard Cineleisure
Singapore 239695
Tel: 6622-8988
Fax: 6622-8989
Email: sales@ishop.club21.bz

Multimedia Integrated at Funan IT Mall
Address: Multimedia Integrated (S) Pte Ltd.
109 North Bridge Road
#05-07/08, FUNAN THE IT MALL, Singapore 179097
Tel: 6336-9929
Fax: 6339-7968

SGL Marketing
Address: 1 Rochor Canal Road, #02-23
SIM LIM SQUARE, Singapore 188504
Tel: 63379070
Fax: 63376621


Eight Flags Computer System and Supplies

MacLink Pte Ltd

Other Dealers
For a more comprehensive list of official Apple Authorized Retailers, please refer to:

N/B: The abovementioned list may be outdated. For telephone numbers, please remember to include a prefix ‘6’ before dialing.

Other Hire Purchase Schemes Available (subjected to prevailing interest rates!!)

Hitachi Credit Singapore

EZYCash Singapore


Q: What do you mean by 0% Interest-Free Installment?
A: It is a credit arrangement between the said Credit Card Company and the particular retailing outlet allowing you to purchase an item (a Macintosh, in this case) at the store defined price through a 6mth, 12mth, 24mth or even 36mth period without the need to pay additional interests on top of the retail price.

Q: That’s interesting, so how do I go about doing it?
A: Inform the participating retail outlet before making your purchase and enquire about the installment plans available. For Apple Online Store (Singapore), 0% interest-free installment plans are available, please follow the instructions stated above.

Q: I went to this particular store and they say that 0% installment is available, but they want me to pay an additional amount of $x or x% on top of the retail price!
A: This practice varies abit but it is relatively unknown as to how the shops go about with this practice. If one feels uneasy about doing so, one have a choice of “Pay”, “Bargain” or “Leave”. The onus is unto the individual to make the decision unfortunately.

Q: So, what happens after I’d swiped my card?
A: On the assumption you had paid $3000 for your Macintosh, $3000 will be deducted from the Credit Limit of your Credit Card until you had fully paid up the entire amount over the stipulated time that you had defined. You will notice a reduction in your credit line and an additional line in your Credit Card Bill that would include the name of the store and the amount of time remaining. An example of the additional line would be: “Apple Singapore (01:12) $250”

Q: What if I fail to pay up?
A: Your Credit Card bill be subjected to the prevailing rules in your Credit Card Agreement as well as the relevant Administration Fee and any other additional interest you have to pay to the bank. In addition, the bank also reserves the right to seize your purchase if you fail to keep up with payments and if forced to, you may have to live with the stigma of declaring bankruptcy with the Courts!!! In short, SPEND WITHIN YOUR MEANS!!!!

Q: What if I have a sudden windfall and decided to pay up everything without waiting for the installment period to end?
A: Depending on the terms and conditions set by the shop and the Credit Card company or bank, there may be an addition surcharge involved if one decided to terminate the installment plan by paying up in full [i]x[/i] months before the stipulated repayment period is up. For further details, please contact the individual shops and your Credit Card company for the Terms and Conditions involved in early termination of 0% installment plans.

Q: How about other forms of loans?
A: Hitachi Credit as well as ezycash are two forms of loan facilities which one can take out to purchase their items. All purchases under such loan schemes are subjected to the prevailing interest rates, administration charges, terms and conditions as listed on their website. For further enquiries, contact the relevant parties directly. SPEND WITHIN YOUR MEANS!!!

Disclaimer Note: The above shops mentioned in this thread are not an endorsement by “Apple Clinic, the FAQ Repository” or an advertisement to the services they provide. The list provided are merely a list of convenience designed for the easy reference for anyone who chance upon this list. “Apple Clinic, the FAQ Repository” does not take responsibility for disputes whatsoever that may arise between the purchaser and the shop in the course of any transaction. “Apple Clinic, the FAQ Repository” is also not responsible for any price discrepancies or any other sudden changes in (but not limited to) offer, promotions and prices that may occur from time to time at individual shops. The Q&A set out upon refers to the commonly thought out questions that may arise and in no way, “Apple Clinic, the FAQ Repository” is responsible for any mistakes that may arise out of the information whatsoever as the views expressed are purely the opinion of the author provided in good faith to which the viewer is invited to have their own views to it.

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