How to convert .ape & .cue to .mp3 in Mac OS X?

There are a few apps you can use but my favorite is xAct, a freeware.

Split the .ape file into individual audio tracks in .aiff format

  1. Launch xACT, and go to the “shntool” tab.
  2. Drag and drop your .ape file into the drop box (or click on the “add” button.)
  3. Click the “split” and the “aiff” bullets.
  4. Cick on the “Call Shntool” button, and when prompted, select your .cue file.

Sit back and relax; it’s a long process. The single .ape audio file will be splited into individual tracks in .aiff format.

Convert .aiff audio file to .mp3 format

  1. Launch iTunes and import the newly created .aiff files.
  2. Select the .aiff files and click on “Convert Selection to MP3*” from the “Advanced” menu.

You may delete the .aiff files after conversion.

* By default, iTunes converts songs you imported to .aac format. You can to change it to .mp3 format via iTunes’ Preferences setting.

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