How to decompress a .rar file?

We recommend you install The Unarchiver. It decompresses practically every file archive formats except .sitx and password protected .rar files.

The .sitx and .sit are argubly obsolete archive formats. You must use Stuffit Expander to decompress a .sitx file, but you can just use The Unarchiver to decompress a .sit file. Therefore you do not need to download and install Stuffit Expander (much less Stuffit Deluxe) at all unless someone, typically a Mac OS 9 user, give you a .sitx file.

You can use UnRar to decompress a password protected .rar file.

To create a .rar archive, we recommend you use RarMe.

To create a .zip archive, just select the file(s) and/or folder(s) in Finder, then right-click and select “Compress …” from the pop-up menu. The .zip created is 100% PC compatible.

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