Does Mac OS X support Chinese text input?

Of course it does! In fact, the function is built-in – there is no need to purchase any additional software.

To enable Chinese text (both 简体字 and 繁體字 are supported) input, go to System Preferences -> International: Input Menu, and tick on your choices. For the Hanyu Pinyin method, select ITABC for Simplified Chinese, Zhuyin for Traditional Chinese.

After enabling Chinese text input, you should find a new menulet on the top-right corner of your screen. Select your input method, and type away. It’s easy to assign keyboard shortcuts to switch between your default and alternate languages. The default is +SPACE.

Is there a Chinese version of Mac OS X?

Mac OS X operates in many languages including Chinese. To switch to Simplified Chinese, go to System Preferences -> International -> Languages, and drag “简体中文” to the top of the list. After rebooting, you will find Mac OS X’s interface is now in Simplified Chinese. Most apps operate in your new language of choice. Some apps, notably Firefox and Adobe’s products, do not support multi-languages. You will have to download or purchase a language-specific version from the publisher.

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