I want to BootCamp. Which versions of Windows do I need?

You can only use BootCamp if you fufil the following criteria on your Mac hardware:

– You own an Intel Mac
– You are running Mac OS X Leopard

Now for the tricky part: which versions of Windows you are allowed to use. To date, only the following versions of Windows are supported by BootCamp:

– 32bit Retail or OEM( not recommended) version of Microsoft Windows XP (SP2 and above only)
– 32bit Retail or OEM (not recommended) version of Microsoft Windows Vista Basic, Home Premium, Business or Ultimate
– 64bit version of Windows XP / Windows Vista (only on Mac Pro!)

Versions of Windows not supported by BootCamp:

– Any copy of Windows earlier than Microsoft Windows (SP2). That means that, if you try to BootCamp Windows 2000 or Windows XP (SP1a) or anything earlier, the installer will fail.
– Any form of upgrade copy of Microsoft Windows. (Upgrade copies of Windows XP will also fail)
– 64bit versions of Windows will install but there will be no driver support: the keyboard and trackpad, along with added functionality, will not work. Only the Mac Pro has support for 64bit versions of Windows

** There is a rumor that you can use a loophole to install a full version of Vista on your Mac through an upgrade copy. Because of its dubious legal status, it will not be discussed. **

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