Legal Disclaimer & Terms of Service

Legal Disclaimer:

This is not an official Apple Support website, but a collected effort of Mac users keen on helping switchers and potential converts to know more about Apple and its products, including but not limited to Macintosh (henceforth refered to as Mac), Mac OS X and various other Apple-labeled software or hardware.

The views expressed by the authors and contributors on this website do not necessarily reflect the views of Apple Inc and its subsidiaries, WordPress, its sponsors or its affiliates.

Any comments on this website are the sole responsibility of their writers and the writer will take full responsibility and liability for any libel or litigation that results from something written in or as a direct result of something written in a comment. The accuracy, honesty and intention of comments posted in Apple Clinic are the responsibility of the writers.

This website does not offer advanced technical and/or hardware troubleshooting, including but not limited to the modification of Apple-labeled hardware except where such modifications are considered ‘user-changeable’. Apple Clinic is not responsible for any faults or damages caused by its contents to your Mac or PC.

This website may unintentionally offer links to content that is obscene, intrusive, pointless, disturbing, etc through various web ads that the authors of Apple Clinic have no control over. Apple Clinic does not condone, endorse or take responsibility for such content.

Apple Clinic and its authors are by no means affiliated with Apple Inc or any of its subsidiaries.

Terms of Service:

By entering this website, you agree to be bound by the following terms and conditions:

1) The Apple Clinic website is not sanctioned or endorsed by Apple Inc and any of its subsidiaries. You will NOT enter the website if you are acting in actual employment or otherwise, as an agent, a lawyer or a representative of Apple Inc, Microsoft Corp, or any other corporation that produces hardware or software for Apple Inc and/or Microsoft Corp. Personnel currently employed or affiliated with the aforementioned companies may enter the site on their own private time and use, and are expected to keep the knowledge of this website strictly to their own private dealings, separate from any dealings that may have with their respective corporations.

2) You will NOT enter this website to seek material to induce, begin or support any laesuit or legal action against the website, its authors or WordPress on any grounds, neither will you or any company you’re affiliated with seek legal action against Apple Clinic, WordPress, Apple Inc, Microsoft Corp and any of the subsidiaries of the aforementioned corporations at any time. In addition, you will NOT allow yourself or any other party to derive any monetary gain from utilizing the instructions and guides obtained in the Apple Clinic.

3) The guides in the Apple Clinic are written and compiled purely out of community goodwill and may or may not accurately represent the writers’ views and opinions. None of the content posted in the Apple Clinic is sanctioned by, and no monetary hurt has been intended against the aforementioned companies in (1).

4) You agree NOT to copy, reproduce or modify any of the content in the Apple Clinic on any other website or publication , the only exceptions being for college assignments and message boards, without prior consent from any of the administrators of the Apple Clinic. If any content from the aforementioned website has been quoted or reproduced in any college assignments, you are expected to credit your source with the proper citations as listed by your educational institute.

Entering the site without agreeing to the above statements is a breach of contract.

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